The purification process

Because of the increasing  need to protect the environment, AMINODAN welcomes you  with the latest technology for maximum efficiency  and for lowest possible operating costs.

The treatment process  and  turn-key systems  combine the latest available technologies in the water treatment  sector with almost  50 years of continuous R&D.

AMINODAN developed a fully automatic  and computerized system which enables full control over the purification process from the moment the water flows into the system  up to the moment where water is released, by case, into the city sewage system by use of our AMINODAN DAC technology or into a natural emissary by use of our AMINODAN AMB technology.

  •   The raw water is pumped through a mechanical screen type „Step Screen"  via a channel built of concrete or stainless steel. This channel will normally be positioned above the equalization tank. This is where the mechanical  treatment of the incoming water takes place.                                  


  •   The used water will flow through the bars of the screen (3 mm normally) further on into the equalization tank.


  •   The screened material  is automatically transported and off-loaded into a light container ,which can be positioned on a concrete slab next to the equalization tank.


  •   The purpose of the equalization tank is to homogenize the water flows and the pollution load variations during the hours of production. The capacity of this tank is designed on a case to case basis.


  •   With the aid of raw water pumps, which are installed in the equalization tank, the water is pumped into the flocculation chamber where the pre-treatment process begins by having the water mixed with precipitant and flocculant . From this chamber the water will flow through the concentrator where the precipitated and flocculated matter from the water is lifted to the surface by use of DAC  which creates very fine bubbles that adhere to organic matter and will make it float to the surface of the concentrator where a scraper system removes the sludge into a hopper.


  •   The treated water is now released into the city sewage or  to the AMINODAN AMB  biological treatment system, in case release into a natural emissary is necessary.


  •   The AMINODAN AMB  is being known as the most efficient biological treatment system because every detail of the system is improved in order to provide the optimum living conditions for bacteria. It's a simple truth that natural bacteria which cleans water are like any other living organism. The better their living standard - the more they thrive and offer better results. The AMINODAN AMB  biological treatment system is a technology based on the biological decay of organic matter with the help of living natural bacteria.  Each biological chamber is dived in two. The first section has submerged aerated membranes and the second section is a sedimentation area. In the repeated steps of the process, every chamber will grow these bacteria which will purify the pre-treated water until it achieves the guaranteed parameters.


  •   Professionalism is our definition and AMINODAN has developed a monitoring and intervention platform which allows full control of the purification process remotely. The entire system is fully automatic from the point where the water enters the system until it is released.


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