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THE AMINODAN GROUP specializes in waste water treatment fulfilling  the necessary requirements for  releasing the water into an existing sewage system with the AMINODAN DAC technology and in the case where water should be released into a natural emissary  our company can offer the solution with the AMINODAN AMB  technology.

The  AMINODAN GROUP  is the only company specialized in waste water treatment by using the DAC (Dissolved Air Concentration) principle.

The AMINODAN GROUP was the first company in the World, in 1965, to introduce the concept and technology of concentration and flotation with dissolved air for waste water treatment.

Likewise AMINODAN was the first company in the World to install a industrial waste water  system and is World wide acknowledged for installing the World's largest waste water system with a capacity of 1.400 m3/h  (33.600 m3/day).

AMINODAN has delivered and installed systems in Europe (Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Scotland, Great Britain, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia), South America (Chile, Brazil, Argentina), North America (USA, Canada) and also in Malaysia,Thailand, Kuwait and Sudi Arabia.

The AMINODAN technology is designed to  purify any type of waste water, fulfilling the requirements of the local applicable laws and regulations.

We use modular and compact systems, therefore they require a small placement site. Also AMINODAN provides turn-key systems and  we provide consultancy with regards to choosing the best solution that corresponds to your necessities. THE AMINODAN GROUP has  almost  50 years of experience in the waste water treatment  domain. We include the full system for waste water treatment with transportation to the beneficiary's site, complete system installation by AMINODAN personnel, all electrical cables, fittings and pipes necesary for equipment interconnections, start-up of the waste water treatment system, training for the beneficiary's operators, the technical project for the system as well as availability of a service team promptly.

We use EFA technology (Edible Food Additives) in order to recover protein and fat from the processed water.

THE AMINODAN GROUP supplies turn-key systems for waste water treatment and recovery, guarantees the performance and stays with the client until full satisfaction is achieved.


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