In 1965 a brilliant inventor, ahead of its time, thought about the environmental issues and came up with a good solution to help protect the environment for the  sake of our future generations .

This invention was to be called FLOTATION –better known as DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation).

During the 1970’s industrialization increased, which resulted in a higher usage of clean water for production and of course therefore significantly increased the waste water emissions.

Also during the 1970’s the Danish government started issuing more and more strict regulations for release of waste water into the environment. 

As a result of these regulations and the development of the European Union ,it was necessary to invent a new solution , which in long term would be much more cost effective than the conventional DAF plant .

Therefore , in the beginning of the 1980’s , the same brilliant inventor came up with a system and processes , which even today proves to be the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solution in waste water pre-treatment technologies .

 This new solution got the name DAC. 

We are proud to say, that it has now been almost 50 years since the brilliant inventor,

Mr. Poul  Borup Sørensen founded the family company  THE AMINODAN GROUP

 Taking the legacy of the brilliant inventor’s ideas forward , for the past 20 years our Research and Development (R&D) department has constantly modified and improved the original design of the DAC system and brought it into our Millennium , implementing the most modern and advanced computer technologies available and therefore still making the DAC system the most viable solution in waste water treatment in the World .


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