The AMINODAN technology

AMINODAN offers you the  most complete and efficient  industrial  and domestic waste water  treatment  technology.

Due to our R&D department AMINODAN  meets your demands to make the waste water treatment possible more efficiently and with reduced costs.

AMINODAN developed a fully automatic  and computerized system which enables full control over the purification process from the moment the water flows into the system up to the moment where water is released, by case, into the city sewage system by use of our AMINODAN DAC technology or into a natural emissary by use of our AMINODAN AMB technology.

AMINODAN offers you a modular design. Due to the efficient  and fully optimized technology, space is being used at it's full potential and possible technological process losses are virtually non-existent.

The AMINODAN DAC technology is a fully controllable process and is offering significant advantages compared to the old fashioned and conventional DAF process.

  • the sludge quantity is reduced to half due to the DAC system
  • less consumption of chemicals (additives)
  • smaller energy requirements
  • the cleaned water can be reused for various tasks
  • any unpleasant odours are eliminated from first stage (equalization tank)



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